Family Man Season 2 Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details

Family Man Season 2 Review

Family Man Season 2 Review:


Family Man Season 2 is a much awaited 2021 Indian Web series. It’s First season was a huge hit across all over India and it will be released in south Indian languages ​​along with Hindi. Directors of  Family Man Season 2 are Krishna D.K. and Raj Nidimoru.

This series belongs to the leagues of “Jack Ryan”(2018 -2019) and “The Spy”(2019)

Family Man Season 2 has finally got an OTT release on 4 June, 2021. It can be watched on Amazon prime video if you own its subscription.

Check out all things about Family Man Season 2 below

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Main Cast:

Manoj BajpayeeSrikant Tiwari
PriyamaniSuchitra Iyer Tiwari
Samantha AkkineniRajalekshmi Chandran (Raji)
Sharib HashmiJK Talpade
Neeraj MadhavMoosa Rahman
Gul PanagSaloni
Shreya DhanwantharyZoya
Family Man Season 2 Review

Side Actors this season:

Vijay Vikram SinghAjit
Ashmith KunderBilal
Dalip TahilKulkarni
Sundeep KishanMajor Vikram
Pawan ChopraSharma
Sharad KelkarArvind
Darshan KumarMajor Sameer


Family Man Season 2 Trailer released on 19th May.

Best things from Trailer:

1)Mental trauma Srikanth facing with a desk job.

2)Action looks better this time and looks like there will be high budget sequences.

3)Old camaraderie of Srikanth and Jk looked refreshing again.

4)Tamil and Hindi mixed background music looked good.

Worst things about trailer:

1)Trailer was not upto the hype but still was a fine job to gain attractions.

2)No idea about mission zulfiqar and Sajid ,who killed Moosa Rehman was a bit disappointing.

Surprise of the trailer: Samantha as “Raji”

Samantha Akkineni As Raji In Family Man Season 2 Trailer
Samantha Akkineni As Raji In Family Man Season 2 Trailer

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Family Man Season 2 is an espionage thriller. series. This series features Manoj Bajpayee who portrays the role of Srikant Tiwari who is a middle-class man and he is working secretly as an intelligence officer for the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) which is a secret branch of the NIA who finds himself fading in between his official duties and his poor bonding with the family.

Last season ended with Moosa Rahman meeting a car accident and we didn’t get to know whether “Mission Zulfikar” has succeeded or not and we saw Suchitra (Priyamani)coming back with Arvind(Sharad khelkar) with some shocking faces when they come back from Lonawala.

Season 2 starts with 5 minute single take shot in Jaffna,Srilanka  showing the working of a Tamil rebellion group and how their leaders  got an exile with the help of Indian government and their tamil government is trying to get recognition from other nations.

Srikant is working in an IT Company where he works under a young overachiever boss, he has left his previous job to be a real family Man and tries to save his marriage but still his heart is in his previous job.

Raaji(Samantha) is a sleeper cell who is working in a local factory in Tamil nadu and is molested daily by perverts around him. She is waiting for her call to be a part of the big mission.

Now what we have to see is whether TASC would be able to stop Raji and her team to stop her evil intentions of attacking Indian PM.

Release Date & Where to Watch

You can watch the movie at Amazon prime from 4 June onwards .

Amazon prime subscription charges are  ₹999 for one year and it also includes other Amazon services like Amazon music, Amazon prime shopping complementary with video streaming service.


Reasons to watch this movie:-

  • Best pan Indian cinema  to have graced the Indian webspace.
  • Couldn’t have asked for a better addition of tamil actors. 
  • Manoj Bajpayee(srikanth)was flawless he kept humour ,emotion and anger on his sleeves along with his insecurities and helplessness and character of Hashmi (JK) compliments him perfectly.
  • Samantha and Manoj Bajpayee have been the lethal weapon of the directors to showcase their brilliance and both have nailed their acts.
  • Funny banter between Tamilians and T.A.S.C employees has been shown beautifully.
  • Second season has every element we liked in season 1 and they didn’t go the Sacred Games way.
  • Action sequences were Top-Notch and were highly enjoyable.
  • Don’t miss out the 15 minute’s act of Chelam.The picture says all.
Udhayabanu Maheshwaran As Chelam And Bob Odenkirk As Saul Goodman
Udhayabanu Maheshwaran As Chelam And Bob Odenkirk As Saul Goodman

Reasons to avoid this movie:-

  • Jokes in the first few episodes are not landing everytime. (depends on everyone’s sense of humour) but starts to land perfectly from the 4th episode onwards.
  • Due to “Taandav “controversy, the show was delayed and according to me the show demanded more elements to spice up things and those elements may have been filtered out.
  • Ending of Mission Zulfiqar 1.0  deserved at least  10 minutes, it was too quick.
  • Writing this time doesn’t amazes us because of no surprise factor like season 1.Scenes were highly predictable this time but still Raj and Dk kept the thrill till the end.

Whether to watch it or not:-

This part may not matter to many but still this is my job to do so.

Just go for it but please don’t keep any expectations or we can say enjoy the ride but drive safe.

Rating : 7.5/10

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