Jai Bhim(2021) Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Hindi and Telugu Release Date

Jai Bhim(2021) Movie Review

Jai Bhim(2021) Movie Review:


Jai Bhim is a highly awaited 2021 court drama Indian Tamil movie. It will be released on  2 November. Jai Bhim’s star cast consists of stars like stars Suriya, Prakash Raj, Rajisha Vijayan, and Lijomol Jose in important roles. 

This movie will skip theatrical release and is directly premiering through Amazon Prime Video on 2 November. Suriya will be seen in the role of Advocate Ramachandran aka Chandru in this film which is directed by T. J. Gnanavel and produced by 2D Entertainment.

Surya As Advocate Ramachandran(Chandru) In Jai Bhim Movie
Surya As Advocate Ramachandran(Chandru) In Jai Bhim Movie

This movie belongs to the leagues of “Mulk” and “Karnan“.

Jai Bhim has finally got an OTT release on 2 November 2021 and can be watched on the Amazon video streaming platform if you own its subscription.

Jai Bhim Content/Age rating: 18+(Only above 18)

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Check out all things about Jai Bhim below

SuriyaAdvocate Ramachandran (Chandru)
Prakash RajPolice officer
Rajisha VijayanTribal Activist 
Lijomol Jose
K. Manikandan
Rao Ramesh
M. S. Baskar
Jai Bhim(2021) Movie Review


Jai Bhim Trailer was released on 22 October 2021.

Best things from the Trailer:

  • This movie’s whole team has some quite well-known cast members who are looking excellent in their roles.
  • Perfect massy and classy content from Suriya after the success of “Soorarai Pottru“.
  • The movie consists of some heavy lifting single take dialogues scenes.
  • An painful and emotional true tale of tribal people living in a oppressing and corrupt regime is on the cards and this movie is surely going to ask some difficult questions to the audience and make them uncomfortable.
  • Jai Bhim’s trailer looks quite brilliant and has been edited beautifully.
  • The good news is that movie is releasing on the 2nd of November in Tamil.Telegu and Hindi simultaneously. So, there is not much of a wait.

The worst thing(s) about the trailer:

  • Hindi trailer should have been released too.


Jai Bhim is an emotional and tragic event of fighting with the system and corrupt government machinery. It is a tale of an actual life incident clasped during 1993, it is about Senggeni and Rajakannu, a couple from the Irular caste(lower caste in terms of caste hierarchy). The latter was kept captive by the police for a crime due to some unfortunate events but he was later missing from the police station. Senggeni pursues the legal route via the help of an advocate Ramachandran aka Chandru to explore justice for her partner.

The trailer guarantees an edge-of-the-seat narrative with good production quality 

By the looks of the Trailer, this movie shows some good cinematic shots and cinematography.

Looks of Cast members in the movie:

Looks Of Cast Members In The Jai Bhim Movie
Looks Of Cast Members In The Jai Bhim Movie

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We will update the correct plotline on 16th October along with the review.

Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu Release Date & Where to Watch

This movie is released originally in the Tamil language and dubbed versions of Hindi and Telegu will also be ready to be streamed on Amazon Prime from 2 November onwards simultaneously.

You can stream the movie on Amazon prime video from 1 October onwards.

As far as Amazon prime subscription charges are concerned you will have to pay ₹999 for one year and it also includes other Amazon services like Amazon Music, Amazon prime shopping complementary with video streaming service.


Reasons to watch this movie:

1)Wannabe perfect movie of 2021 but misses the line because of some screenplay issues and it will be standing in the leagues of Sardar Udham,which is not a poor company to have.

2) Gut wrenching scenes in the screenplay and spot-on detailing.

3)All the actors in the movie has has been incredible and Suriya doesn’t get big dialouges( other actors have taken away the limelight from him because of their superb act).

4) No dialouge-baazi in the court sequences and the scenes were quite closer to reality.

5)Thank God this movie was released multi-lingually,It should reach all the corners of the country.

Reasons to avoid this movie:

1)Length of 2 hours 45 minutes is too much for today’s cinema.

2) Some scene are over-dramatic to make us feel plight of the characters but this increases the screenplay time and movie doesn’t move forward.

Whether to watch it or not: Definite watch for true cinema lovers.

Rating :8.5/10 (Impactful movie and surely will make you feel infcomfortable)

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