Looop Lapeta(2022) Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Release Date

Looop Lapeta(2022) Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Release Date

Loop Lapeta(2022) Movie Review:


Looop Lapeta is a Netflix 2022 Indian comedy movie. It will be released on 4 February. Looop Lapeta star cast consists of stars like Taapsee Pannu and Tahir Raj Bhasin in prominent roles.

This movie Looop Lapeta will be directed by Aakash Bhatia and produced by Aayush Maheshwari, Sony Pictures Films India, and Ellipsis Entertainment.

Looop Lapeta has been written by Dr. Vinay Chhawal, Ketan Pedgaonkar, Aakash Batia, and Arnav Vepa Nanduri.

It is a remake of the German film “Run Lola Run”(1998).

This movie belongs to the leagues of “Aamir(2008)” and”Ganchakkar(2013)

Looop Lapeta has finally got a theatre release on 4 February and can be watched on the OTT platform Netflix if you own its subscription.

Looop Lapeta Age Rating: U/A 13+(Anyone above the age of 13 can watch the movie ).

Check out all things about Loop Lapeta below:

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Taapsee PannuSavi
Tahir Raj BhasinSatya
Dibyendu BhattacharyaVictor
KC ShankarAtul Borkar
Rajendra ChawlaMamlesh Charan Chaddha
Looop Lapeta(2022) Movie Review


Looop Lapeta Trailer was released on 13 January 2022.

Best things from the Trailer of Looop Lapeta:

  1. The plot of the movie looks like an exciting premise about the time looop.
  2. Color grading used in the movie looks stylish.
  3. Cinematography and shots are captured beautifully throughout the trailer.
  4. Tahir Raj Bhasin was phenomenal in “Ye kaali kaali ankhen” and he is set to carry his form into this movie too.
  5. Looop lapeta looks like a smartly edited and no-nonsense movie by the edit of the Trailer.

The worst thing(s) about the Looop Lapeta trailer:

  1. Story-wise there is nothing new to offer as we have been grown up watching these kinda time loop movies and it is a remake of a cult movie.


The plot of Looop Lapeta is Savi has to rescue the life of her stupid gambler boyfriend Satya and she has only 50 minutes to do it with 50 lakhs and Satya’s life is at stake. Savi needs to help her boyfriend every time and the clock is constantly ticking. Savi’s miserable mission to save her boyfriend has different outcomes in different tales (some good or dead on arrival) and in between these narratives, there is lots of endless running, romance, robberies, gambling, shooting in between these crazy times looping Narratives.

Look of various actors in the movie:

Look Of various actors in the Loot Lapeta movie
Look Of various actors in the Looop Lapeta movie

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We will update the correct plotline of the Looop Lapeta movie on 4 February along with the review.

Release Date & Where to Watch

Looop Lapeta movie will be finally released on 4 February 2021. The film will also be dubbed and released in various languages too.

You can stream the movie on Netflix. Netflix subscription charges are ₹649 for one month (4 users) and the cheapest one is ₹149 per month for a single device.


Reasons to watch this movie:

1)Beautiful color tone and some beautiful camera movements.

2) Comic scenes are quite good in the movie.

3)Tight screenplay.

Reasons to avoid this movie:

1)Recently released “Maanaadu“was a far more better movie than this which was based on the same theme.

2)Love story angle between the two leads could have easily been cut short.

3)Some unnecessary slow motion running sequences adds nothing to the final product.

Whether to watch it or not: Only if you are fan of both the lead actors or if you wants to explore this genre of time loop.

Rating :5.5/10 ( Average Product)

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