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Why Celeb Biography?

Celeb Biography is world’s one of the fast-growing websites in the Biography niche. If you are a public figure, then you can feature your profile on our website and let your fans find you among India’s top celebrities.

→ Your profile will show up on Google’s first page for Google search results regarding your name search (provided your name doesn’t clash with any other famous person on the internet)

→ Your profile will also be shown up in the related section of other celebrities’ profiles in your field, this will increase your profile engagement to new audiences of similar interests. Example: If you are a Singer, your profile will show up randomly in the related section of singers like Ariana Grande, Divine, etc.

Rules For Getting a Profile on Celeb Biography:

If you are looking to make your profile on Celeb Biography, kindly read the following rules:

  1. You/Your client should be atleast famous in some aspects like a Content Creator, a growing YouTuber or a Blogger.
  2. You need to provide all of the details about you that you want to show on your profile along with the images.
  3. The price for creating your profile on our website is INR 1500 or $20 which is a one time fees that will feature your profile on our website permanently.
  4. If you qualify the criteria or you have any doubts, you can send us an email on

The Process of Getting a Profile Published:

Step 1: Email us to know about our payments mode and other details. Pay the fee using the UPI or any other payment method.

Step 2: After that, we will send you a form. Fill in all your details which you want to publish on our website.

Step 3: After we receive the payment and your profile data including the image you want to publish, our editor will publish the profile in the next 24 working hours and you will get the URL of your profile via email.

You can also be a writer for our website. To know more please visit the Guest Post | Write For Us page.