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Money Heist Web Series Season 1 to 5: Recap, Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, OTT Streaming Details and All Seasons Download In Hindi Free

Money Heist Web Series All Seasons Review

Money Heist Web Series All Seasons Recap, Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, OTT Streaming Details


Money Heist All Seasons Review:- Money Heist is known as La Casa de Papel in Spanish means “The House of Paper” is a Spanish crime drama web series. We will also tell you how to download Money Heist All Seasons in Hindi and in other languages. In this series, a criminal mastermind popularly known as “The Professor” in the series has a full-proof plan to pull off the biggest heist in history to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain.

For carrying the master plan of this heist, The Professor recruits eight people with different abilities who have nothing to lose in their life. The group of thieves which The Professor brings together get into the Royal Mint of Spain and capture the people present in the Royal Mint and make them hostages to help in their negotiations with the authorities. The police and authorities also have their strategies to come up with a way to capture The Professor.

The Money Heist was initially released in 2017 and currently, 4 seasons have been released to date. The 5th season of the series will be released in 2021 in 2 parts. Volume 1 of Season 5 will be released on 3rd September while Volume 2 will be releasing on December 3.

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Money Heist features Ursula Corbero and Alvaro Morte as the leads and portrays the roles of Silene Oliveira (Tokyo) and Sergio Marquina (The Professor) or Salvador “Salva” Martín respectively. Besides them, the series also stars Itziar Ituno, Pedro Alonso, Paco Tous, Alba Flores, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, and more playing key roles.

Main Cast:

Ursula CorberoSilene Oliveira (Tokyo)
Alvaro MorteSergio Marquina (The Professor)
or Salvador “Salva” Martín
Itziar ItunoRaquel Murillo (Lisbon)
Pedro AlonsoAndres de Fonollosa (Berlin)
Paco TousAgustin Ramos (Moscow)
Alba FloresAgata Jiménez (Nairobi)
Miguel HerranAníbal Cortes (Rio)
Jaime LorenteRicardo / Daniel Ramos (Denver)
Esther AceboMonica Gaztambide (Stockholm)
Enrique ArceArturo Roman
María PedrazaAlison Parker
Darko PericMirko Dragic (Helsinki)
Kiti ManverMarivi Fuentes
Hovik KeuchkerianBogota
Rodrigo de la SernaMartín Berrote (Palermo)
Najwa NimriAlicia Sierra
Luka PerosMarseille
Belen CuestaJulia (Manila)
Fernando CayoColonel Luis Tamayo
Money Heist All Seasons Review

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The series follows the story of how a mastermind aka Professor pulls out the biggest heist ever happened in history. However, the actor is not very talkative, and his way of handling the plan and so to bring his team out of the Royal Mint of Spain safely.

The squad carries out 2 robberies the first in Royal Mint Of Spain which is depicted in Seasons 1 and 2. While the season 3, 4, and 5 comprise of the second heist which is carried out in Bank of Spain.

Release Date & Where to Watch

You can watch the series on the Antena 3 network as well as on Netflix. Netflix subscription charges are ₹800 for one month (4 users) and the cheapest one is ₹200 per month for a single device.


The IMDb has given it an 8.3/10 score. This web series is a must-watch if you love crime drama.

Money Heist Hindi Release

The Money Heist series has been officially dubbed in Hindi now. You can watch it in Hindi on Netflix.

How To Watch and Download Money Heist All Seasons For Free In Hindi/Urdu

Money Heist All Seasons Download In Hindi

If you do not own a Netflix subscription then you need not worry, we have sorted it out for you.

Note:- This is just a guide and not for any promotional purpose. Downloading copyright movies of any particular network like Netflix from any other source is not legal. This is just for experimental purposes.

Please follow the steps given below to download all seasons of Money Heist for free in Hindi:-

Money Heist Season 1:-

Money Heist Season 1 Recap:- A group of robbers wearing Salvador Dali Spanish painter’s facemasks and red jumpsuits takes hostages as part of their heist led by the Professor at the Royal Mint of Spain. To carry out this heist successfully they work on the plans for around 5 months. In the initial phase, we only know the characters by names of cities like Tokyo, Nairobi, Moscow, Berlin, Rio, Denver, or Oslo. The mastermind of this robbery is also just known by the name ‘The Professor’.

Their plan is not to harm the hostages instead they capture hostages until they print money worth 2.4 billion euros.

They are stopped and clearly instructed they will not involve in any type of relationship till the robbery, but first, Tokyo and Rio start dating each other, and soon when the robbery gets started, Denver gets intimate with one of the hostages Monica Gaztambide. Even the Professor gets involved in a relationship with inspector Raquel Murillo of the National Police Corps who initially has no clue that the man named Salva with whom she gets intimate is the Professor indeed.

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Money Heist Season 2:-

Money Heist Season 2 Recap:- The Profesor makes a new plan as he goes into Toledo House just before the cops reach there and thus giving his team more time to pull off the robbery. But a lot of chaos and confusion start to build when Tokyo starts to question Professor’s tactics. Berlin then takes charge and then ties Tokyo to a table and then throws her out of the Royal Mint of Spain and as a result, she is arrested by the cops.

Initially, inspector Raquel had no clue that “Salva”, the man she has been romancing with is the main mastermind behind this heist but later she gets suspicious and tries bringing Angel who is in a coma due to a car accident into the picture to capture the mastermind in the hospital. However, the Professor and his plans are ahead of her, and finds out that it is just a trap. He finds out of the trap by pretending of being a clown, but when he comes to meet Raquel then his costume reveals his identity because she spots a strand of hair on his Coat. After this, the mastermind is captured by Raquel.

Meanwhile, inside the Royal Mint Of Spain, Helsinki kills his cousin Oslo in an act of mercy. Also, Tokyo with the help of motorbike stunt gets back to the Mint by getting in touch with Rio. In this scene, the group gives cover fire to Tokyo so that she can safely get into the Mint but Moscow gets shot and bleeds to death.

At last, the professor also digs a tunnel into the Mint with external help and everyone escapes through the tunnel as cops break in the Mint. Berlin aka Andres de Fonollosa stays in the mint. He fires at the police and sacrifices himself so that rest of the gang can escape safely and hence we find out that Berlin and the Professor were brothers all along. After pulling out the heist successfully everyone gets to a different location and the Raquel tracks the Professor with the hints that he left for her. She comes to the Philippines and then they both begin their love story again. She also changes her name to Lisbon.

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Money Heist Season 3:-

Money Heist Season 3 Recap:- Season 3 begins with Tokyo and Rio’s relationship which has been a major point of ‘Money Heist’.  The two together bought an island and relaxing in paradise. But soon the trouble began after Rio was captured by the Panama authorities.

Then Tokyo gets in contact with the transporter who takes her to the Professor and then they both brought the gang together to rescue Rio. In this season Tokyo and Denver almost hooked up with each other. Denver advises Rio to get back with Tokyo.

Inspector Alicia Sierra manipulates Nairobi by teasing her with information about her nine-year-old son and as a result, she gets shot by a sniper, bleeds in the arms of Helsinki, and fights for her life. We will see it in season 4 if she survives or dies. But Raquel Murillo is still alive and there’s a lot of suspense around that.

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Money Heist Season 4:-

Money Heist Season 4 Recap:- Season 4 begins with the group trying and rushing to save Nairobi’s life who was previously shot by a sniper. The Tokyo takes over command from Palermo while the Professor and Marseille find out that the Lisbon with the help of Tamayo’s assistant, Antonanzas, and being interrogated by Sierra in a tent outside of the bank.

Tokyo takes the charge of surgery and operates on Nairobi to take out the bullet with the help of video calls but the authorities cut out the connection. Hence Tokyo herself cuts a part of Nairobi’s lung and succeeds in saving Nairobi’s life. The tied-up Palermo creates chaos by advising Gandia that how to escapes from handcuffs, and as a result, Gandia escapes. After that, Gandia begins communicating with the authorities that are present in the commanding tent of this robbery from a secret panic room inside the bank and starts a deadly cat-and-mouse chase with the gang.

Professor advises the group to come together to take on Gandia and hence Palermo rejoins the group back. Gandia negotiates with the group as he will come out pointing a gun at Nairobi and they will not shoot him but instead Gandia shoots Nairobi in the head and killing her instantly. The gang recaptures Gandia.

Professor takes on authorities when police prepare for another breakout into the Bank. He exposes the unlawful torture of Rio and also the holding of Lisbon to the public. Due to this confession, Sierra is fired and begins her plan to capture the Professor on her own. The Professor calls up external help to free Lisbon when she is taken to the Supreme Court. Season 4 ends with Lisbon rejoining the group in the bank. Also, Sierra finds the Professor’s hideout place, holding him at gunpoint.

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Money Heist Season 5:-

Money Heist Season 5 Review:- Netflix released the trailer on 2 August 2021 for the first part of the final season which is Part 5 Vol 1. The trailer was released with the caption, “Surrendering is not an option.”

The enthralling trailer gives many thrilling scenes on what’s season 5 is going to bring for viewers. It is cleared from the trailer that ruthless Sierra keeps the Professor captured and blackmailing him for every bit of information. On the other hand, Colonel Tamayo has planned not to give any chance to the robbers now and involves the military. He has been shown saying the line that “They’ll come out victorious or they’ll come out dead.”

The trailer also shows a glimpse of Tokyo and Rio having a moment and this is probably the indication for their reunion after the break-up in the last season. Tokyo being impassioned is shown knocking out Gandia. Predictions can be made here that the wife of Berlin named Tatiana can also help Professor for bringing his team out of the Bank of Spain because Berlin has been shown visiting his son with Tatiana in the flashback of the trailer.

We all know the fan base of Money Heist is one of the best and popular series hence the final season seems to promise lots of action, warfare, and climax points. Volume one of part 5 is set to release on Netflix on September 3 till then being the fans we can kill our time by predicting the hottest fan theories in the meanwhile.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 Recap:- Part 5 unfolds with a hostage ambush that is led by none other than Arturo, who went wild and out of control in his attempt to kill Denver. As a result, Stockholm shot him about which she lived with guilt for the rest of the season. She experiences a real perception about seeing Arturo’s ghost and got anxiety attacks. To make her feel good she had to take a morphine injection.

While Stockholm lays in an unconscious state, her gang fights the infiltrating army that is led by Sagasta. The army is also joined by Gandia, who had blood in his eyes.

Sagasta goes on to blast the terrace and finally lands inside the building of Bank of Spain. As soon as they enter the building, they met the Money Heist gang prepared with tear gas bombs and grenades.

Then that war gets started. In the heat of this war, Helsinki has almost lost one leg, the team has got separated. Also, to make the thing worst, Palermo, Lisbon, Bogota, and Rio are all locked in the iron wall on one side of the museum, and Tokyo, Denver, and Manila are on the other side of the pantry. As Palermo and other team members on his side are trying to cut the wall, Tokyo’s side is fighting against Sagasta.

It was looking obvious that one of the three Tokyo, Denver, and Manila would get hit by the continuous bullets fired from all corners, even including the snipers outside the bank.

Tokyo then enrages Gandia as per The Professor’s instructions and as a result, a rift is created within the army. She then catches and throws a grenade and back at the army. Tokyo’s presence of mind also comes into play when she shoots at the army men who were trying to drill through the wall to make the way for entering the pantry. In short, Tokyo was in front leading her side with Denver and Manila mostly giving her a cover. But her resistance can’t stay for long enough as she gets shot.

Now the gang finds themselves locked up and can’t find any escape. At this point, Stockholm regains consciousness and calls out to her team members from under a service lift shaft from that they can escape. Tokyo has gotten severe injuries and is badly injured by now and she can’t slide through the rope. She instructs Denver and Manila to escape first and then lay pillows and mattresses on the ground of the shaft so that she can jump onto it. But both Denver and Manila knew somewhere inside, that Tokyo won’t make it.

Denver bids her a painful and tearful goodbye. He says to Tokyo that his dad died in a heist and he is not gonna let his sister die. He still obeys Tokyo’s request and leaves with Manila.

Tokyo is now fighting like an injured lioness and all she wants is to kill whoever comes in her way along with providing a cover to her team so that they can escape. The Professor is hearing it all but can’t do much at the moment. She tells the professor that he has been her guardian angel all her life and now it’s her turn to be his guardian angel. Rio is drilling from the floor below but isn’t able to reach Tokyo as he only manages to see her face from the hole. He sees her lady love making him promise that he’ll live a life king size, even without her.

Now things get out of control as more army bullets hit her as she falls. But as soon as Gandia comes near her for hitting the final shot, he realizes that she has taken off the keys of all the grenades she is carrying around her body. Before Gandia can escape, Tokyo winks at him and the blast happens with the sound heard by all gang members all across the bank and hail Tokyo’s sacrifice. She has taken down Gandia along with some more of Sagasta’s men, with her. The Professor is in grief at the stormwater tank.

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