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Runway 34 Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, Release Date, TV & OTT Streaming Details

Runway 34 Movie Review

Runway 34 Movie Review

Runway 34 Movie Review:


Runway 34 is an upcoming Indian Thriller Movie that will be released this year on 29 April 2022. 

The movie features Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, Angira Dhar, and Aakanksha Singh in prominent roles. Runway34 will not skip theatrical release and is hitting the theatre screens near you.

This movie is produced & directed by Ajay Devgn and written by the duo of Sandeep Kewlani and Aamil Keeyan Khan.

Runway34 belongs to the leagues of Badla(2019)” and “Flight 7500(2014)“. This movie is produced by Ajay Devgn FFilms and Panorama Studios.

This movie will also be released on the OTT platform after-theatre release and can be streamed on the Amazon Prime streaming platform if you own their subscription.

Runway34’s TV and satellite broadcasting rights have been bought by Zee Entertainment Company.

Runway34 Age Rating: U/A 13+ (Anyone above the age of 13 can watch this movie).

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Amitabh Narayan Vedant
Ajay DevgnCaptain Vikrant Khanna
Rakul Preet Tanya
Angira Dhar
Boman Irani
Ajey Nagar(CarryMinati)
Aakanksha Singh
Runway 34 Movie Review

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Runway34 Trailer was released on 21 February.

Best things from the Trailer:

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Worst things about the Trailer:


Runway 34 movie is a real-life example that is based on the Jet Airways Doha-Kochi flight in 2015. Ajay Devgn portrays the role of an arrogant but highly skilled commercial plane pilot. As his flight endures a curious accident, he is questioned by greater authorities and also puts his co-pilot Rakul Preet Singh in danger as well.

The exact Plotline of the Runway34 movie will be updated after it gets released.

Look at the Various Actors in the movie:

Look At Various Actors In The Runway 34 Movie

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Release Date & Where to Watch

You can watch the Runway34 in your nearby theatres from 29 April onwards.

You can stream the movie on Amazon prime video from June onwards.

As far as OTT platform Amazon prime subscription charges are concerned you will only have to pay ₹999 for one year and it also includes other Amazon services like Amazon Music, Amazon prime shopping complementary along with video streaming service.

Runway 34 will be telecasted on Television via the Zee cinema network in July 2022.  

Review:(will be updated on 29 April)

Reasons to watch this Movie:

Reasons to avoid this Movie:

Whether to watch it or not

Highly recommended for Ott viewing and an average cinema experience for theatres.

Rating: 7/10 ( Above Average)

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