Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Review: Trailer, Plot, Cast, OTT Streaming Details, Release Date

Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Review

Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Review:


Sardar Udham is a highly awaited 2021 Indian Hindi movie. It will be released on 16th July. Sardar Udham consists of stars like Vicky Kaushal, Banita Sandhu(October fame), and Amol Parashar in important roles. 

This movie will skip theatrical release and is directly premiering through Amazon Prime Video on 16 October. Vicky Kaushal will be seen in the role of Freedom fighter Sardar Udham Singh in this film which is directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by Rising Sun Films.

Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Poster
Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Poster

This movie belongs to the leagues of “Legend of Bhagat Singh” and “RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter“.

Sardar Udham has finally got an OTT release on 16 October 2021 and can be watched on the Amazon video streaming platform if you own its subscription.

Sardar Udham Content/Age rating: 13+(Anyone above the age of 13 can watch this movie).

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Check out all things about Sardar Udham below



Vicky KaushalUdham Singh
Shaun Scott
Stephen Hogan
Banita SandhuShruti Tiwari
Amol ParasharBhagat Singh
Sardar Udham(2021) Movie Review


Sardar Udham Trailer was released on 30 September 2021.

Best things from the Trailer:

  1. This movie’s team has worked quite hard to create that Era.
  2. Not much information has been spilled out in the trailer.
  3. The movie consists of some cool colors and shows the scenic beauty of England.
  4. An emotional true tale of an inspiring revolutionary is on the cards with some good dialogues and inspiring scenes.
  5. Sardar Udham’s trailer looks quite brilliant and has been edited beautifully.
  6. The good news is that movie is releasing on the 16th of October and there is not much of a wait.

The worst thing(s) about the trailer:

  1. If there would have been some recognizable cast members then it would have been great.


Sardar Udham is an emotional and inspiring tale. It is a story of a revolutionary freedom fighter Sardaar Udham Singh, agreeably remembered to take vengeance for the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Punjab.

The trailer guarantees an edge-of-the-seat narrative with good production quality which will be swiveling around the life of the late revolutionary sovereignty fighter Sardar Udham Singh who assassinated the lieutenant governor of Punjab, Michael O’Dwyer at the time of the Jallianwala Bagh bloodbath which happened in Amritsar.

He took his revenge after very long planning and waited almost 20 years for that day.

Few movies have shown glimpses on the life of Sardar Udham Singh but this time we will be getting a full-fledged movie on his life.

By the looks of the Trailer, this movie shows some good cinematic shots of pain, action, and Streets of London.

Looks of Cast members in the movie:

Look at the Cast of Sardar Udham(2021) Movie
Look at the Cast of Sardar Udham(2021) Movie

We will update the correct plotline on 16th October along with the review.

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Release Date & Where to Watch

You can stream the movie on Amazon prime video from 16 October onwards.

As far as Amazon prime subscription charges are concerned you will have to pay ₹999 for one year and it also includes other Amazon services like Amazon Music, Amazon prime shopping complementary with video streaming service.


Reasons to watch this movie

1) One of the Boldest movies to ever come out of Hindi Cinema.

2)The great acting and dialogue delivery from the cast members of the movie can send shivers to your spine.

3) Jallianwala Bagh massacre scene is shown so many times that you will never forget the pain and helplessness the people must have faced at that time.

4)Last one hour of the movie is the thing that makes the perfect final blow.

5) London has been captured beautifully and you will appreciate the scale and cinematography of the movie.

Reasons to avoid this movie:

1) Movie looks stretched and few scenes are repeated too often.

2)Director tries to add his pinch of political views in the movie.

3)As a movie Sardaar Udham doesn’t look settled at all, it would have worked wonders if it would have been made in the format of Web series.

Whether to watch it or not

You should watch this movie at least once even if watching it makes you feel uncomfortable or bored.

Rating: 7/10 (Disturbing, slow but Good Movie)

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