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Sex Education Web Series Season 1 to 3: Recap, Review, Cast, Plot, Trailer, OTT Streaming Details and Download Free

Sex Education Web Series All Season Review

Sex Education Web Series All Season Review


Sex Education All Season Review:- Sex Education is undoubtedly one of the best British comedy-drama web series. The series revolves around the life of a socially awkward high school student named Otis who may not have much experience in lovemaking, but he certainly has a good tip on the sex-ed course which he learned living with mom Jean, who is a sex therapist.

Otis then decides to use his sex knowledge to build his status at school, once his classmates get to know about his home life. He along with a whip-smart bad-girl named Maeve portrayed by Emma Mackey, both come together for setting up an underground sex therapy clinic in the school for dealing with their classmates’ various sex-related and other mental problems. As time passes Otis himself realizes that he may need some sort of his therapy via his analysis of teenage sexuality.

The Sex Education was initially released on 11th January 2019 and currently, 2 seasons have been released to date. The 3rd season of the series will be released on 17th September 2021.

The first and the second seasons of Netflix’s hit British teen comedy series Sex Education were a tremendous success and were on the list of streaming giant’s top 10 most-watched shows of 2019 and 2020, turning many of its young and new cast into overnight stars with the enthralling story.

However, almost exactly 2 years have passed since season one was released and we witnessed season two last year in 2020, and so before viewers make a return to Moordale a quick recap might be in order.

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Sex Education features Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey as the leads and portrays the roles of Otis Milburn and Maeve Wiley respectively. Besides them, the series also stars Gillian Anderson as Otis Milburn’s mother, Ncuti Gatwa as Otis’ friend, Aimee Lou Wood, Patricia Allison, Mimi Keene, Connor Swindells, and more playing key roles.

Main Cast:

Asa ButterfieldOtis Milburn
Gillian AndersonJean Milburn
Ncuti GatwaEric Effiong
Emma MackeyMaeve Wiley
Connor SwindellsAdam Groff
Kedar Williams-StirlingJackson Marchetti
Aimee Lou WoodAimee Gibbs
Alistair PetrieMichael Groff
Jemima KirkeHope
Tanya ReynoldsLily Iglehart
Chinenye EzeuduViv Odesanya
Patricia AllisonOla Nyman
Jim HowickColin Hendricks
Mimi KeeneRuby Matthews
Chaneil KularAnwar
Mikael PersbrandtJakob Nyman
Simone AshleyOlivia Hanan
Rakhee ThakrarEmily Sands
Samantha SpiroMaureen Groff
Chris JenksSteve Morley
Hannah WaddinghamSofia Marchetti
Sami OutalbaliRahim
Lisa PalfreyCynthia
George RobinsonIsaac
Sharon Duncan-BrewsterRoz Marchetti
Anne-Marie DuffErin Wiley
Dua SalehCal
Deobia OpareiMr. Effiong
Joe WilkinsonJeffrey
George SomnerJoe
Doreene BlackstockMrs. Effiong
Judith CabralDeriver
Sex Education All Season Review


The series follows the story of a teenage student aka Otis who is proficient in the matter of sexual problems because of his mother who is a sex therapist. Otis along with Maeve Wiley starts a sex advice business in his school to help their fellow students having sexual problems. The series has also given attention to LGBTQ relationships.

Release Date & Where to Watch

The 3rd season of the Sex Education Web series is going to be released on 17th September 2021. You can watch the series on Netflix. Netflix subscription charges are ₹800 for one month (4 users) and the cheapest one is ₹200 per month for a single device.


The IMDb has given it an 8.3/10 score. This web series is a must-watch for all comedy-drama lovers.

Sex Education Hindi Release

The Sex Education series has been officially dubbed in Hindi now. You can watch it in Hindi on Netflix.

How To Watch and Download Sex Education All Seasons For Free In Hindi/English

If you do not own a Netflix subscription then you need not worry, we have sorted it out for you.

Note:- This is just a guide and not for any promotional purpose. Downloading copyright movies of any particular network like Netflix from any other source is not legal. This is just for experimental purposes.

Please follow the steps given below to download all seasons of Sex Education for free in Hindi:-

Sex Education Season 1:-

Sex Education Season 1 Recap:- The first season starts with the character of Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn at its core. Otis is a bit of a geeky and socially awkward high school teenager who is unable to masturbate because of the intrusive and overbearing influence of his mother Jean who is a sex therapist and is played by Gillian Anderson.

The story then starts when Otis is being approached by Maeve portrayed by Emma Mackey who is Moordale’s resident bad-girl and something of a social outcast. She asks Otis about starting a sex therapy clinic at the school due to many sex-related issues that the students of their class had. So, they think of doing it in a manner like Maeve will set the appointments and Otis will use the knowledge which he has picked up by his mother’s profession.

Otis agrees with Maeve and throughout the series, their sex clinic proves popular and successful. During their partnership in this work, Otis develops strong feelings for Maeve along the way. But it became complicated when the school’s head boy and swim team captain Jackson played by Kedar Williams-Stirling has sex with Maeve at a party and even begins a relationship with her. He even asks Otis for a bit of advice regarding the best way to ask Maeve out. He attempts to misguide and disrupt Jackson by recommending that he should perform some sort of grand gesture but it backfires and Otis is left with nothing and even does not have any clue what to do when Jackson and Maeve become a couple.

Another important character who is introduced is Eric, played by scene-stealer Ncuti Gatwa who is a best friend of Otis. Eric has been selected to join the swing band and hence he asks the help of Lily portrayed by Tanya Reynolds, to get him up to speed at his house. While there as the story moves forward, Lily even attempts to have sex with Eric and does not realize that he is gay. Lily also asks Otis for sex given that they are both virgins and to this offer Otis initially refuses.

Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn and Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong in Sex Education Web Series

An embarrassing photo of a private part of one of the sex clinic clients is being leaked and sent around the school against that person’s wishes. So, Otis and Maeve work together for finding the culprit and the source. However, they end up with nothing as it takes a lot of time and a result causing Otis to miss a trip to the cinema with Eric to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch which was a yearly tradition for Eric’s birthday. After Otis failed to arrive at the meeting point, Eric is physically attacked by two homophobes and as a result, his wallet and phone were stolen. So, he arrives home has a huge argument with Otis and scolds him angrily for keeping him waiting.

On Lily’s previous offer of having sex, Otis then decides to talk with her, but their attempts to have sex end unsuccessfully with Otis having a panic attack. Later Otis is asked out by Ola portrayed by Patricia Allison, the daughter of his mother’s handyman (and soon-to-be boyfriend) Jakub. He agrees and says yes, unaware of the fact that Maeve has admitted to having feelings for him now.  Meanwhile, Eric tries to dress more conservatively because of the attack but gets suspended from school when he lashes out at the swing band instructor because of his growing isolation and frustration.

Maeve, Otis, and Adam in Sex Education Web Series

Adam portrayed by Connor Swindells is another key character introduced in season one. He is the son of headmaster Mr. Groff. The relation between them is not well and Adam is a school bully, whose particular target of his abuse is Eric. Towards the ending of 1st season, Adam surprisingly wins an essay writing competition. But, he had not written the essay in question, instead, he employed Maeve to write it for him, as correctly guessed by their English teacher Miss Sands. In the meantime, Maeve’s elder brother named Sean has arrived who had disappeared for several months.

Now scenes at the school dance come into play in which both Otis and Maeve had been unwilling to go, Eric comes up dressed in full drag and Otis makes up after their previous falling out. Both Maeve and Jackson argue with one another after Jackson finds it out that Maeve had feelings for Otis. Meanwhile, Adam initiates a physical fight with his father Mr. Groff.

In the final episode, numerous resolutions take place along with many cliffhangers. Maeve takes the blame on her head for drugs sold at the dance and is suspended from the school. Those drugs had been sold by her brother Sean. Also, Jackson begins to skip swimming practice after being dumped by Maeve.

Meanwhile, Eric and Adam, both in captivity, become involved in a physical fight with each other. That altercation is suddenly turned into passionate sex, as we find out that Adam has been repressing homosexuality. Adam is soon sent to military school by his father and any chance of a relationship forming between Adam and Eric is put aside.

Season one ends with Maeve going towards Otis’s house but is left heartbroken when she sees him kissing Ola. At the ending and that particular evening, Otis also discovers that he is finally able to masturbate.

Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn and Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley in Sex Education Web Series

Sex Education Season 2:-

Season 2 Episode 1 Recap:- Season 2 brings us back to Otis Milburn and his awkward misadventures. The season opens up with him and we see Otis exploring his sexuality for the first as he is understanding love and sex better. Now his realization of the power of self-love turns out in another way as Otis has a bit of a “wanking problem”. At the end of season one he was able to masturbate at last and now recently realized “the power of his male part”, but it ends up putting him in embarrassing situations most of the time. We get to know that Jean and Jakob are secretly dating. On the other hand, Otis is also dating Ola.

Ola has also taken admission to Moordale High and It is Ola’s first day in Moordale high. She starts to hang out with her chaperone Lily. The day starts with a bang and a different situation as there is an outbreak of Chlamydia in school. Otis decides to stop the sex clinic as he does not want to continue without Maeve, but Eric convinces him to help the students. Otis decides that it is not a Chlamydia outbreak but a mass hysteria and it is believed acapella group’s Fiona spread the STI and is slut-shamed for the same even though she is clear and does not have a part in it.

So, it comes down to Eric and Otis. They both work together to find out where it all started. At last, they get to know what causes it with some help from Maeve and one crazy girl fight between the girls from the acapella group.

Scene switches and we see Headmaster Groff is under pressure from the Chairman and calls for an emergency parents’ assembly. Otis’ mom Jean Milburn is called for addressing the students and also tell the need for sex ed, which impresses the parents. Later, the Chairman contacts Jean for revamping the curriculum.

Maeve is working at the pretzel shop in the mall and there she runs into her mother, Erin. The two finally meet and Maeve’s mother tells her that she is clean of drugs now and also dating a nice man. Erin tells Maeve that she is making efforts, but also admits that the man she is dating doesn’t know about Maeve and her brother Sean yet. Maeve, later, puts up efforts and confronts the headmaster by speaking of her potential but he declines. Then she decides to read out the essays which she wrote for others in the school. Miss Sands takes a stand for her and asks Mr. Groff to re-enroll her in the school and cancel her suspension.

Season 2 Episode 2 Recap:- Jackson is practicing but somewhere else in his mind and as a result, he is not able to focus. His mind is hung up on two things the first one is of course his breakup with Maeve, and also distressed about his mother’s fighting. In an impulsive moment, he put his hands between the weights himself, causing a metacarpal fracture.

Episode 2 brings us to the new characters, Rahim, the new hot French kid, and Maeve’s new neighbors, Joe and Isaac. In the second episode, we see that Otis and Maeve finally deciding to get back to their sex clinic business after Maeve is back in school again.

Otis prep himself for a date with ola and does some research on fingering as he wants to take the next step with Ola. Also, we saw Jean coming to the school assembly for addressing the students about the importance of sex-ed, but that took an embarrassing direction.

Adam Groff In A Military Institution Episode 2 Of Season 2 Of Sex Education Web Series

In this episode, we get a look at Adam finally as he practices in the military institution. He hesitates at first but later he improves on the field and makes friends. But Adam finds them in a sexually compromising position and things take another direction. As a result, to save their identity his friends get him expelled from the institution by putting drugs on his bed.

The gang hangs out at the Moordale fair Carnival. At the carnival, Rahim shares the Ferris Wheel with Eric as he was always has been trying to hang out with Eric. Now during the SRL class, Rahim asks questions about Anal sex and we get to know that Rahim is gay. Hendricks is unable to answer the question, but Jean does.

Jackson is now given a peer aid, Vivienne and because of her, he finally realizes that he should pick a new hobby. Aimie thinks of giving baking a shot.

Maeve is trying to prep for her scholar scheme. But she gets overwhelmed and as a result, she lies when she realizes she needs to read her essay in front of the class. Later, Miss Sands tells her that she needs to let herself dream.

It brings us to the two girls Ola and Maeve in a weird spot as the two feel competitive and insecure for the obvious reason as they both have feelings for Otis. This is the time Maeve finally realizes she is not over Otis.

Otis and Ola finally get together and take the next step in their relationship. But soon Otis thinks he aced it, Ola hilariously describes his fingering act as “he was moving his fingers like he was dialing a 1920s telephone.” Here comes the scene when our sex expert needs a piece of advice too and by a little advice from an old client, Otis finally realizes that he needs to talk to Ola about what she wants. Hendricks also seeks advice from Otis but he tells him to listen to what Miss Sands wants until it doesn’t work out.

Season 2 Episode 3 Recap:- Here comes Maeve’s birthday but she hates birthdays. Although, Aimee decides to surprise her with her self-baked cake. On her way, Aimee is assaulted by a man who masturbates on her on the bus. Maeve gets to know about it and she convinces her to go to the police, but Aimee is hesitating and not realizing it is an assault and mannerless act. At last, Aimee agrees and they both head to the police station where the officers help them file a report. Aimee tries to hold back her tears but she can’t and ends up having a breakdown in her room. Now Aimee is a little frightened and the next day, she avoids the bus as she sees the same man on it.

Jean is still giving sex-ed to the students in school, which Groff dislikes obviously. The presence of Otis’ mother at the school is also bad for the sex-clinic business and a bit uncomfortable for Otis.

Now the scene turns to the big family dinner with Otis, Jean, Jakob, and Ola which eventually not goes as per plan as Otis bursts out in anger at Jakob. Later the next day, Jean asks Otis to apologize and he does that.

Malek then goes to Jean for some sort of advice because of Olivia’s habit of covering his face at the time of sex. Jean then suggests that it might be some kind of ghost fetish. Olivia confronts in front of Otis and tells the reason why she does it. The reason that Olivia gave was that she thinks she has an “ugly cum face” and she doesn’t want Malek to see. Otis then gives the solution to this problem to Olivia and tells her that she should trust Malek and let them see each other at their ugliest.

Jackson then decides to give Romeo Juliet musical a try. Vivienne helps him with the words and rhythm and also tells him that he should think of someone he loves to get the emotion right. Jackson then thinks of her Ex-Girlfriend Maeve while performing, and eventually gets the role.

Meanwhile, Adam has also come back to town and tries hard to make things better between him and his dad at home. But as we know Groff is not sympathetic and he makes him work at Browns’ Store.

Rahim asks Eric for a date and then both eventually end up at an arcade. There they both also share their first kiss. But thing gets cozier when the two-run into Adam working in the store as Rahim lives just above it.

Maeve’s mother is beaten up by her boyfriend when she told him of Maeve and Sean. After which she shows up at Maeve’s caravan. At the end of the episode, Otis gifts Maeve a five-year diary from which he ripped off all the birthday pages. At the moment, Maeve had almost told Otis that she likes him but eventually stops herself.

Season 2 Episode 4 Recap:- Ola has now decided and is she is ready to go all the way with Otis in their relationship. But now something is different with Otis as he seems hesitant even though he also likes Ola. The scene switches to Jean who is now having some sort of space issues with Jakob, and in the middle of that Remi suddenly shows up. Given the fact that Jakob invites Remi for dinner which makes things got a little weird. Also, Jean and Remi kiss one another when they are drunk and alone.

After the previous incident, Ammie is still having trouble taking the bus. Meanwhile, Jackson and Florence are the two who are selected as the leads of the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Musical but they have their issues. As Jackson is having some sort of trouble while acting and goes to Vivienne to seek help. The two make a deal and where Jackson will help Vivienne’s woo Dex in return. On the other hand, Florence is a great actor but is not able to act properly as she is being pressurized to have sex with her peers. Jean then helps her out and tells her that she may be asexual. In another scene, she even tries to help Mr. Groff’s wife Maureen who is having some trouble with Groff.

Maeve on the other hand has her things to sort out as she now lives with her mother and Elsie. Then her mother goes for a job interview and asks Maeve to take care of the baby. On the other hand, Maeve is busy with her quiz heats and seeks help from Otis, who eventually agrees. The quiz team wins but doesn’t want Maeve to be a part of the team. Maeve gets upset by the behavior of the team and runs into Otis who has accidentally lost Elsie because of his session with Florence. They try to find and get her but, Otis gets late for his sex date with Ola.

Before Otis leaves, here comes the moment we all waited for as Maeve finally confesses that she messed up with him and had feelings for him, but she was confused. The confession from Maeve about liking him deeply upsets Otis and he also tells her that he really liked her but he has finally moved on and has a girlfriend.

Maeve confesses to Otis Sex Education Web Series

Later Otis can’t get to this conversation and ends up with an embarrassment with Ola while the two try to have sex. Between their stay together, he checks his phone to see Maeve’s message, which Ola realizes at the moment. On seeing the behavior of Otis, Ola ends up in tears and gets very frustrated and the next day she tells Otis to not talk to Maeve anymore. Lily also makes Ola a sketch and then they hug each other but one can sense some attraction there.

Speaking of attraction, we come back to Adam as he sneaks Eric out of his house and the two spend the night together. The next morning, they also kiss but soon after that, Eric stays in a dilemma as Rahim asks him to be his boyfriend.

Season 2 Episode 5 Recap:- Our boys Otis and Eric decide to take a break from all the drama happening in their respective lives and go for a hiking trip in the woods along with Remi. But things go drastically wrong as Remi pretends to know what he’s doing but during a heavy storm, all the three get lost in the woods and finally end up at a hotel.

After hugging Lily in the last episode, Ola has dreams in which she is kissing Lily and she can’t stop thinking of it over and over again. Then she decides to take a sexuality quiz online and find out that she could be pansexual.

Meanwhile, Jackson tries to help Viv with Dex and then decides to take her to the shop where Dex works. As a result, Viv gives her number to Dex successfully. Later Jackson and Viv on their way back share a heartwarming conversation. The incident that took place on the bus with Aimee has struck her mind and she is unable to get physically intimate with Steve but shrugs it off.

Maeve attends but leaves her mother’s NA meeting midway in anger as she feels Erin is still lying to her and making excuses. She runs into Isaac who invites her for the dance lessons that both the brothers teach. Maeve then dances with an old man awkwardly and later shares a warm and interesting conversation with Isaac. When she returned home, her mother Erin breaks down and Maeve hugs her.

There are still space issues between Jean and Jakob. She lashes out at Jakob as he makes her a pan-shelf and finally confesses to him that she kissed Remi. She then heads to her vagina workshop and finds Maureen in it. Jean gives a vibrator to Maureen and she uses it in her bathroom. Later, she also asks for a divorce from Mr. Groff.

After the storm when Eric and Otis find themselves in the hotel, Eric tells Otis about Adam and clears the thing that why he’s been ignoring Rahim. Otis takes it in another way and both exchange some harsh truths about their respective relationships. But deal with the situation maturely eventually. Otis then consoles his father Remi when he realizes his father’s girlfriend Delilah left him but ends up feeling hurt when he learns that his father cheated again the next day.

Jean then comes to the rescue of the boys home and takes them home. Both then end up making a deal and make decisions on their respective relationships, with Otis messaging Maeve that he can’t see her anymore, and also Eric decides that he is going with Rahim over Adam. But things end in another way, as Ola breaks up with Otis and tells him that there is no love between them and they do not love each other. She turns to Lily and then kisses her, but Lily doesn’t like it.

Season 2 Episode 6 Recap:- Otis decides to invite his mates to his house after school for a gathering because of Ola breaking up with him. Eric also invites a few kids to the party, and on the other hand, Otis doesn’t want to invite Ola and Maeve. Eric then senses that Otis should talk to Maeve and her anyway.

Otis then looks at Ola who is discussing something with Jean and later steals Jean’s diary as he wants to know what they were talking about. In reality, Ola was not talking about Otis as she was confiding Jean about her feelings for Lily. Meanwhile, the team who doesn’t want Maeve in the quiz asks Maeve to get back into the team and they end up qualifying for the finals.

Maeve then decides to go to Otis’ party and eventually Isaac who is coming nearer to Maeve day by day and might have a crush on her tells her that he also wants to go to the party too.

Jackson is under a lot of pressure again during all of this, as his cast comes off. On the other hand, Anwar is also under pressure as he doesn’t know about douching and his boyfriend wants to have anal sex with him. So, he thinks of discussing it with Otis and he asks Rahim to clear it, and then, Rahim tells Anwar that he should talk to his boyfriend directly.

Things don’t hold up much and take another turn as Otis’ gathering party turns into a big unruly party. Jackson is about self-harm again because of a major anxiety attack but eventually, Viv finds him and he tells her about the pressure he feels. Viv suggests that he should seek professional help but Jackson doesn’t get it well and says something harsh. Viv then tells everything to Jackson’s mother as she is worried about his safety.

Meanwhile, Adam also comes to the party, and an argumentative situation is created by Eric which brings up the past and Adam’s shame. Things get worse, as Otis creates a scene after getting drunk which involves Ola and Maeve, in front of everyone, hurting their feelings by being extremely insensitive. As a result, both Maeve and Ola leave in anger.

Then Maeve and Isaac talk about their past and scars. Also, Ola and Adam go and smash things all around in a place to relieve Ola of her anger. Aimee has not come over of the assault and breaks up with Steve because of it.

As all of this is happening scene by scene and dramas are created in a bunch we see Maureen and Jean go for a girls’ night out and spent a really good time together, talking, dancing, and drinking. At the end of the episode, Mr. Groff steals Jean’s diary from Otis’s locker which Otis stole from Jean and he takes prints of it.

Season 2 Episode 7 Recap:- Then the adventurous party is over and the night after that crazy party, Otis doesn’t know what’s in store for him. He wakes up and finds Ruby on his side and both realize they had sex, but they can’t find the condom. Otis can’t stop vomiting because of his overdrinking last night, and neither Maeve nor Ola will talk to him (for obvious reasons).

Then Otis and Ruby go and try to buy a morning-after pill for Ruby. On the way, both share a surprisingly heartwarming moment when Otis gets to know that Ruby’s father is unwell.

Rahim then goes with Eric and his family to church and talks about how he is an atheist. On coming back, he confesses that he loves Eric and he too agrees that he also loves him back. But here comes an interesting moment, as Eric’s mom tells Rahim that he doesn’t make him sparkle later.

Adam has finally got his life back together and holding things better than before. He is doing a good job at the store and now easily manages to the rescue dog, train Jessie, and that impresses his boss and as a result, he gives him the keys. But unfortunately, things can’t hold up well for long as despite locking the door it remains unlocked, and the entire store is looted.

The scene switches to Moordale where we see that because of Jean’s notes that are made public, and all the private information has been revealed and now there is chaos everywhere. Someone writing “Miss Sands is a dirty talking slut” on the mirror with lipstick and as a result, all the girls get detention.

With all of the chaos going on in the school, Groff gets the chance to get rid of Jean and calls her to school. Meanwhile, Olivia is also called from detention to his office, where at this moment Jean gets to know that Otis is running a sex therapy business in school and being the “sex kid” from Malek. Jean goes to Jakob and tells him everything who eventually listens to her but tells her he can’t see her again.

Now after knowing everything from Viv, Jackson’s parents decide to take him to the counselor but their car breaks down on the way. After that, a verbal fight gets disrupted between his parents and, he tells them they should get a divorce but it later leads to Jackson finally being completely honest with his mother, and eventually everything comes to normal, and the two bond. Meanwhile, Maeve’s doubt becomes true as she finds it out from Isaac that her mother is lying about work. She then says it directly to her mother and Erin later clarifies that she has been fired, but is looking for work.

The girls who were given detention are now made to do an assignment by Miss Sands about what binds them together as women. Then after few disagreements and several ugly confessions, the girls reach the answer and realize they have something in common as Aimee breaks down. Then they share their respective experiences with the assault that they encounter. Girls confront one by one From Olivia being groped, a man flashing his penis at Viv, Maeve being eve-teased and Ola being followed home.

Girls then decide they will not tolerate it and then Ola takes them all to the place where Adam took her. All girls, there smash all the stuff everywhere to relieve themselves of their constrained anger. Then both Ola and Maeve make amends to one another, also Ola and Lily finally kiss. The episode then ends when Aimee finds all the girls at the bus stop and they all take the bus with Aimee to help her with her fear.

Season 2 Episode 8 Recap:- Otis is trying to make things clear with his mother and makes amends, but talking doesn’t help. As she ends up expressing that how she always gets his worst, and she’s tired of it. Also in school, he tries to talks with Maeve, who eventually tells him that she’s not angry but disappointed. Ola also speaks to Otis and makes him realize few things that are related to his issues with his father and as a result he goes to meet Remi his ex-father who is still in the U.K. for a book signing.

Meanwhile, Jean finds out that is pregnant, which causes her to break down. Maeve is now all set and ready for the finals of the National Student Quiz Championship. But Erin has a job interview and Maeve thinks that her mum might be lying and using her again. To confirm it she asks Isaac to look for drugs in their caravan.

Just before the quiz starts, Isaac sends a photo of the drugs he found to Maeve. She immediately calls the child protection services and then files a complaint against her mother. But in the middle of the quiz, her mother Erin shows up because she doesn’t want to miss her children’s life more. The Quiz Heads eventually win despite initially losing. Dex then tries to make fun of Jackson but Viv takes stands up for her friend on their way back.

Erin then sees the social service people outside the caravan and shows irrational reactions as she doesn’t want to lose her child. She confronts that she will never forgive Maeve and tells her that she only slipped once.

Adam then tries to get his job back that he lost unluckily as he wants to get back to school, but the owner refuses. Ola then stands up for him but it doesn’t work out and both end up being fired. Then comes a heartwarming moment as Ola tells Adam that he is her friend and later the two hug one another. At home, Maureen talks to Adam and asks him to let the ones he loves know that he loves them.

Otis then meets his father and confronts him asking why he left him. Remi tells him that he’s an asshole, and Otis should keep the ones who get him the closest. He sees Maeve on TV during her quiz and immediately sends her a voicemail and expresses his feelings telling her that he is so proud of her and he loves her.

The Romeo Juliet musical is the main event of the episode is and Jackson is completely nervous about us. Then with some sort of help from his friend Viv, he lets himself enjoy his performance. Adam then suddenly shows up during the performance and gets on stage. He tells Eric that he wants to hold his hand, to this Eric says yes.

With all of this going around, Groff decides to stop the play and blames it all on Jean. But Otis stands up for his mother, and as a result several other students also take her side as well. On seeing this the chairman asks Groff to take a leave for some time. 

With Maeve being busy with her quiz competition, Otis leaves a message for her and tells her that he loves her. He goes to the musical to find her, but she has already left. Then he visits her place, but doesn’t find her there too and asks Isaac to tell Maeve to check her messages.

Now fans think that this might be the moment that finally Otis and Maeve can be together, but we have a villain and it turns out to be Isaac as he also loves Maeve now. While she is out but left her phone at his place, he checks her message and deletes it.

The 2nd season ends with Otis walking back as the voice message plays which Isaac deleted.

Sex Education Season 3:-

Netflix released the teaser in July 2021 the 3rd season of this comedy-drama web series and the official trailer on 7th September 2021.

After the long break, the much-awaited season is here and will be releasing on 17th September 2021.
The introducing teaser gives us a look at familiar faces alongside some new faces like Jemima Kirke as Hope who is joining as Moordale’s new headmistress ‘Hope’, Dua Saleh will portray the role of ‘Cal’ who is a student, and Jason Isaacs is playing the role of ‘Peter Groff’ who is Mr. Groff’s more successful/less modest older brother.

Sex Education Season 3: Release Date, New and Returning, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, What You Need To Know

We all know the fan base of Sex Education and it is one of the best and popular series hence the final season seems to promise lots of adventure and climax points. The 3rd Season is set to release on Netflix on September 17 till then being the fans we can kill our time by predicting the hottest fan theories in the meanwhile.

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