The Ultimate YouTube Influencer Marketing Guide

The Ultimate YouTube Influencer Marketing Guide

As the community of influencers continues to grow, YouTube has become one of the leading platforms for influencer marketing. The YouTube creator economy has become an established industry, and influencers capitalize on the platform by endorsing their favorite brands and products.

It is probably the best marketing tool in the world where you can reach millions of potential clients for your business. When you are done creating your promotional video, use a YouTube logo intro maker tool to make your video more professional.

The world of YouTube influencers has grown and developed in many ways. 

To make things easier for you, here’s an extensive guide for YouTube influencer marketing.

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Who is a YouTube influencer?

Content creators that have a channel on YouTube with a considerable number of subscribers and followers are known as YouTube influencers. These YouTubers or influencers make content in a specialized niche and endorse brands and products of the same niche. 

Brand collaborations with YouTubers are far more effective and profitable when it comes to building brand familiarity with the target audience. To make YouTube videos look professional, YouTubers use a video editor to edit videos with ease

Types of YouTube influencer content

Gaming is one of the most popular niches on YouTube. Content creators passionate about gaming can easily live stream their games and reactions to the video-based platform. They can also make tutorials, hacks, and instructional gaming videos for the gaming community. They can also create standalone long-form content by uploading their gaming videos.

Types of YouTube Influencers
Types of YouTube influencer content

Such YouTubers can post videos to promote a gaming app or a video game online and increase sales. The “hands-on” experience of this kind of videos is helpful to raise brand awareness and inform their audiences on ways to improve their gaming skills. 

It is suggested that you also engage with your audience in the comment section if you want your influencer marketing campaign to be successful.

1. Vlogging 

Vlogging Videos YouTube Influencer Content Marketing
Vlogging Videos YouTube Influencer Content Marketing

If you are someone who likes to document their life, then this one is for you. YouTube vlogs or video blogs are a modern-day video diary documenting the YouTuber’s daily life. These vloggers have now become the epitome of lifestyle gurus of industry experts. Their behind-the-scenes content about their life is organic and unique and motivates their audience to make their everyday decisions or plan their day. Your subscribers want to understand you and know your personality by watching your daily routine. Vlogs build a deep connection between the influencers and the audiences. 

Unlike other types of YouTube influencer videos, content in a vlog is much more organic and unique since it is unscripted. Vloggers tend to drive discussions and conversations about trending topics and also promote products and brands in a not-so-obvious way. The key to authentic influencer vlogging is to organically merge product and brand promotions into the vlog content. 

The most common types of vlogs are based on lifestyle and parenting. These topics make way for diverse discussions and seek to engage their audiences and understand their opinions. 

2. Comedy videos 

Comedy videos YouTube influencer content marketing
Comedy Videos YouTube Influencer Content Marketing

Many viewers are on YouTube trying to entertain themselves through comedy videos. Funny videos by stand-up comedians or hilarious influencers are therapeutic for some audiences and provide a big platform to increase noticeability. You can make song parodies, skits like Lele Pons engage and entertain your viewers and keep them coming back for more. Many actors have turned YouTubers to build their community and engage their viewers on YouTube. 

Comedy videos are the best for building brand awareness. Since most people tend to skip brand ads, it is believed that something hilarious will make them stay and increase the watch rate. Humour can make your brand look more appealing, drive website traffic and increase sales. 

3. How-to videos 

“How-to” videos are step-by-step tutorial videos. This type of video is diverse. Brands can use influencers to promote their products by making videos demonstrating how to use their products. Making how-to videos is one of the easiest ways to increase organic traffic and drive sales. You can reach a wider audience since the followers of the influencers trust the influencer and follow them. They are bound to trust the products and brands that they recommend. 

If you are focusing on the beauty niche, your “how-to” videos can demonstrate a tutorial for a full-face makeup look and how to use gua sha and other beauty tools. You can create a step-by-step tutorial to highlight the product and the brand you are endorsing. 

If you belong to the food industry, you can upload a step-by-step guide to your recipes. Recipe tutorial videos showcase specific brand ingredients in the making of the dish and mention why you prefer that brand to the others. 

Brands can promote their products more organically in these types of videos.

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4. Haul videos 

Haul videos are popular among millennials. Your target audience is confused if they should invest in a specific brand or product, and to make their decision, they look for videos where their trusted influencers are using these brands while giving a full-fledged review. A haul video includes discussing and reviewing several products purchased by the YouTube influencer through a “shopping spree” or a “shopping haul”. Haul videos highlight information that the customer is looking for, for example, brand reviews, price, quality, etc. 

Brands send influencers their new collection so that they can promote and post it online to give a sneak peek to the target audience about their new launch. 

5. Unboxing videos

Unboxing Videos YouTube Influencer Content Marketing
Unboxing Videos YouTube Influencer Content Marketing

Another type of video popular on YouTube is the unboxing video. In an unboxing video, YouTuber films themselves opening a package that they either purchased or were gifted from a brand. The unboxing is done in such a way that the influencer highlights little details from the packaging to first impressions and what they liked about the product. 

These videos help viewers decide if a certain product is worth their money and delivers value. Therefore, the reviews tend to be more detailed than a haul video. These types of videos focus on one single product or one single brand. 

To conclude, YouTube influencer marketing videos are a smart way to target engaged and niche audiences by making compelling visual content. Influencer videos are known to create brand visibility and brand awareness and drive more sales.

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